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Health and Wellbeing

Sauna Hike to Nuuksio
13 km hike from Haltia to a sauna by the lake. Enjoying the heat of the wood-heated sauna, and a dinner after the bathing. Fish, vegetables, mushrooms and berries will be served for dinner. Possibility for a cabin overnight.
Duration: 6 h
Min-max: 4-12 persons

Yoga hike
During or after a nice hike in Nuuksio we will do a 45-60 minut yoga practice. Yoga is a natural way to heal your body and mind. Yoga excercises are suitable for everybody and does not require previous experience.  
Duration: 2-3h
Min-max: 10-24 persons

Calming down in nature (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Finnish people know how to calm down in nature by being silent, walk around, observe nature and just sit down in the forest. The guide will give you a few good tips on how to calm down naturally.
Duration: 1 hour
Min-max: 10-40 persons

Forest Bathing (spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter)  
A thorough forest bathing program combining different methods and exercises – forget everything for a moment.
Three phases of forest bathing:
1) Breathing deep and creating body awareness. Releasing stress and concentrating on the moment. Breathe the fresh forest air.
2) Sensing the nature with all senses. Finding out, that you really are in the forest - your awareness increases.
3) Closing the exercise by sitting down, even just on a stump of a tree. Close your eyes, forget about the everyday life and responsibilities. Let everything disappear and do an inner journey. Open your eyes and experience everything as new!
Duration: 1h
Min-max: 10-40 persons
Chi Kung – Chinese exercise (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Chi Kung is practiced around the world by people seeking health, wellbeing and inner power and peace, as well as martial art practitioners. The exercise includes gymnastic exercises, slow flowing movements, static positions and meditative moments. All of these will help you relax and increase your energy levels. Chi Kung is traditionally exercised in nature and parks.
Duration: 1 hour
Min-max: 10-200 persons

Forest Yoga (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Easy yoga in the forest. The standing exercises will be done by taking into account and making use of the forest. Yoga helps to find awareness and wellbeing.
Duration: 1 hour
Min-max: 10-40 persons

Mindfulness and meditation (spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter)
Relaxing, approving presence and exercises of observation. Observations of one’s own breathe through the so called classical meditation. It is also possible to choose to do a walk meditation. The program includes an introduction to the principles of mindfulness and guidance to good meditation practice.
Duration: 1 h
Min-max: 10-40 persons

Health benefits from forests
Doctor Forest is waiting for you to come to his appointment! During an easy 2 km walk to the woods you will learn about scientifically proved health benefits of nature. You will get tips on how to achieve well being and regain your energy by walking, relaxing, observing nature and quieting down in the forest. Before and after the trip a test will be done to measure well being.
Duration: 2 hours
Min-max: 7-14 persons

Health benefits from nature (all year round)
We hear an inspiring lecture of your choice on scientifically proved health benefits of being in nature and explore them in the field. Before and after the trip a test will be done to measure well being. This program is great for groups who would like to know about the diverse health benefits from nature and get tips on how to increase these benefits for themselves.
Duration: 3 h
Min-max: 6-32 persons (ask for an offer for bigger groups)
Gear: Dress in outdoor clothing according to the weather. Shoes for walking/hiking.

Inspiration generator (all year round)

The inspiration generator will air you brain, give you new impulses and refresh your mind. The tasks are intellectually challenging, include some action and will require good cooperation and support true leadership. The emphasis of the exercises will be on interactively going through what was achieved.
Duration: 2-3 hours
Min-max: 8-35 persons