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Canoeing and kayaking on lake Pitkäjärvi (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Guided paddling excursion on the lake Pitkäjärvi. Paddling along the rugged shores of Pitkäjärvi. When the winds are favourable you will get acquainted with
the rock paintings in the Southern end of the lake, Jäniskallio. The excursion includes a kayak with necessary equipment, rain gear if needed and photos of the event.  
Duration: 2.5 hours
Min-max: 8-30 persons

Horseback ride in the National Park (all year round)
Ride consists of getting to know your horse, practicing in the riding ring and riding in the Nuuksio National Park with a guide.
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Min-max: 4-10 persons
Gear: your own (rubber) boots

Nordic walking (spring/ summer/ autumn)

The Lake Region of Nuuksio with its diverse landscapes gives excellent surroundings for Nordic walking. You will use Gymstick-walking sticks, and also do a small exercise with resistance bands. The training includes stretching to soothe your muscles.
Duration: 2 hours
Min-max: 12-30 persons

Abseiling – descending down the rock face on a rope (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Trying abseiling might boost your adrenaline levels but you’ll also find this exciting activity very enjoyable! Together with a guide you will walk about 5 minutes from Haltia to the rock face. A professional guide will give you a brief introduction to abseiling after which the members of the group will use a harness, rope and helmet to descend down the rock face. The guide will take care of everyone’s safety. While waiting for one’s turn one can enjoy the beautiful views to Lake Pitkäjärvi. No one will be forced to try abseiling but we recommend giving it a try: you might enjoy the adventure!
Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the group size.
Min-max: 5-20 persons

Adventurous hiking, abseiling and rowing, with a bit of courage! (May-October)
This program includes getting to know the Nuuksio National Park by foot, descending down the rocks and rowing a church boat. The journey starts with a hike from Haukkalampi–lake to Romvuori-hill where you will descend down the 10 m rock face with a rope to the shores of Lake Pitkäjärvi. A professional guide will take care of everyone’s safety. From the shore the trip continues with a church boat. You will visit the rock paintings by the lake on the way to Haltia. A coffee break is included in the trip.
Duration: 3-4 hours
Min-max: 6-14 persons
Gear: Hiking shoes

Running in Nuuksio (spring/ summer/ autumn)
Guided running in the paths of Nuuksio according to the wishes of the group.
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Min-max: 10 persons / guide

Altai-skiing (winter)
Learn about a fun new way to ski. Hike in Nuuksio National Park with these sliding snowshoes.
Duration: 2 h
Min-max: 2-15 persons

Snowshoeing (winter)
Guided calm snowshoeing in the surroundings of Haltia and the Nuuksio National Park. Learn about different techniques, discuss about nature and animals, and hear stories about Nuuksio.
Duration: 1-2.5 hours
Min-max: 5-40 persons (over 21 persons: the group will take turns in snowshoeing and getting to know the exhibition of Haltia)