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Apple of Discord

Apple of Discord -exhibition is made of paper posters and plants on recycled plastic graffiti boards.

On Haltias' outdoor exhibition area 6.9.-1.12.2019.

In Greek mythology the uninvited goddess of discord, Eris, tossed a golden apple in the middle of a godly wedding party. The apple had an inscription which read ‘To the most beautiful’. Upon reading this, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all claimed the apple. As Zeus did not want to get involved, he assigned Paris of Troy to make the decision. All three goddesses offered a bribe to Paris, Hera would make him king of Europe and Asia minor, Athena offered him wisdom and skill in battle but he chose Aphrodite who offered the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Sparta. Taking her from her husband Menelaos led to the Trojan war and the death of Paris.

"We see a similar narrative of discord happen between humans and the natural world. For us nature is perfect and needs no help, correction or adaptation. However, the society we consider ourselves part of, seems to find it difficult to accept this. People continuously compete with nature whether in beauty, inventiveness or system engineering.

All 16 pieces consist of multiple layers. We used the graffiti pieces from the previous exhibition here as a base layer. On top we wheat pasted posters and plants. This layeredness resembles urban street culture while it is clear that nature will clean this up gradually. These pieces symbolise the battle between urban landscape, humans and nature, for the place in the front."


Pieter-Jan Van Damme and Essi Ruuskanen are an artist couple and permaculture farmers from Siuntio. Pieter-Jan (Belgium) works mainly as a documentary filmmaker and photographer. Essi (Finland) is a visual artist focusing on street art. Their shared passion is street photography. The pictures framed are taken in Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, rural Slowakia, Budapest, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, rural Russia and arctic Norway.

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