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Man and wolves at Haltia - May 13th to 8th of October. Last chance to see!

WolfHaltia's new exhibition Man and wolves is a nature photo exhibition by the famous outdoor photographer Jim Brandenburg.

The exhibition will tell the story of the wolves inhabiting nearby the home area of the photographer. These photos have been seen only once before at a nature photo exhibition in Paris. The photographer himself has chosen the most suitable photos for Haltia's exhibition in Finland. 

Photos by Jim Brandenburg can be seen at his website (, as well as, at Brandenburg Gallery (Ely, Minnesota) or at Luverne -gallery Minnesota, funded by the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation.

Jim is originally from Minnesota and he has been travelling the World for 30 years as National Geographic's nature photographer. His photos and articles have also been published in New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, GEO, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife and Outside.

Ticket to the exhibition costs 2.5 € (children, seniors, students) - 5 € (adults). 


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