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Taiga - Finnish wildlife with the eyes of two French nature photographers

Great grey owl gliding over snowy landscape

Taiga at Haltia's event field from Aug 6th until Oct 16th 2016

In the summer 1998 two childhood friends, photographers Olivier Larrey and Thomas Roger hiked for the first time through taiga. Even though the northern forests captured the photographers' imagination with their majestic infinity and special atmosphere, many secrets were left unfolded hidden deep inside the forests. The photographers had encountered wood grouses and moose but many unfulfilled dreams were left haunting: bears, wolfs and northern owls...

After the first visit, the two enchanted nature photographers have returned to Finland over thirty times. During different seasons - either alone or guided by their Finnish friend Eero Kemilä - they have encountered the inhabitants of the Finnish wildlife at the heart of Finnish nature: wolf packs from eye to eye, nightly meetings with bears and intensive moments with hunting Ural owl.

Each photo of the Taiga exhibition holds a story about the beautiful encounters with the quiet world of Finnish nature. 


Olivier Larrey

Olivier, who has been excited about nature photography since his early youth, has started his career with publishing books about nature. In 2012, he started working in Regard du Vivant and produced reports from different parts of the world. His photos have been published in several publications including "Hérault, nature méditerrannée" together with the script writer Maxime Briola in 2010. For the past ten years he has regularly returned to Finland together with Thomas Roger to document their encounters with the nature.

Thomas Roger

Thomas' love towards wilderness areas has led him from his home in the Mediterranean all the way to Arctic areas that he has been exploring and photographing since childhood. The hobby of free-diving and love towards birds have sustained his relationship with nature. These are the likely reasons that inspired him together with  Frédéric Larrey to write the book "Oiseaux au fil d´etangs" in 2003, the "Aigle de Bonelli, méditerranéen méconnu" in 2007 and "Pélagos, voyage naturaliste au large de la Méditerranée" in 2013.

Thomas is one of the founder members of the organizations Régard du Vivant and Découverte du Vivant. Thomas feels that it is very important to document different moments that are experienced in the nature and share them with other photographers, with public and with children. Thomas also organizes guided trips to Nordic countries, as well as, guided tours to the Mediterrenean Sea for birds watching and whales observing and photographing. 


Regard du Vivant is a French organization which brings together nature photographers, communication staff, graphic designers and scriptwriters. Organization produces photo exhibitions and nature publications from France as well as other countries of the World. 

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