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Käytämme evästeitä (cookies) käyttäjäkokemuksen parantamiseksi ja käyttötilastojen keräämiseksi.

Jatkamalla sivuston käyttöä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lisätietoja



What would the northern lights or a clear fell lake inspire you to create? How would light or cells ignite the designer in you?

Haltia’s first special exhibition, Luonnos, takes you to the sources of creativity in arctic nature. The exhibition introduces about a dozen Finnish contemporary designers and artisans, whose work is inspired by the nature of Lapland.

The Luonnos exhibition starts with the designers’ mental landscapes, the northern vistas that are the source of inspiration in their work. After taking in the landscape, the creative process progresses in interaction with the environment, culture, memories, mental images and experiences. This creates sounds, pictures, colours and scents. 
Artistic photo of a plantMaterials lend the idea its physical form. Wood, leather, clay, bone, paper and steel turn into a broad and eclectic range of products.

The designers showcased in the exhibition turn their designs into completed products in their workshops and workrooms. The exhibition also highlights different perspectives on design: design as teamwork, the design process and history, as well as the importance of tradition in design. 

Beautiful shapes of metal
The exhibition participants are steel designer Eero Hyrkäs and paper artist Sirpa Kivilompolo from Tornio; photographer Kaisa Sirén, textile artisan Eila Puhakka, designer Maxim Narbrough, cabinet maker Jan Leutola, master goldsmith Juha Janger and designer and 3D-designer Sami Viitasaari from Rovaniemi; ceramic artist Maarit Mattanen, goldsmith Matti Marin and master goldsmith Seppo Penttinen from Sodankylä; artisan Maarit Magga from Enontekiö; textile designer Seija Ranttila from Tampere and Marttiini Oy from Rovaniemi.

In addition, design student Pasi Pietari Hornamo is starting with an idea, developing it and turning it into a completed product as part of the exhibition. Born in Utsjoki and now living in Helsinki, Pentti Pieski is building a Teno boat for the exhibition; making and using the boat links him with the familiar experiences and forms of his childhood. 
Artistic shapes of metal