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At home in nature, nature at home - Bonden home textiles meets Finnish Nature

Haltias' stairway galleria 10.12.2019-2.2.2020


The story of the Bonden home textiles, made of Finnish lamb wool, is on show at the Haltia Nature Centre's winter exhibition. Respect for nature was the premise for the ecologically and ethically produced textile collection. From material choices to the end of the product's life, designer Kati Hienonen has taken into account circular economy as much as is currently possible. A textile should not leave behind harmful chemicals at the end of its life cycle. Recycling clean wool is an example of things that can still be improved.

Haltia BondenLiving MariValtonen"By using almost untreated natural materials like Finnish lamb wool, 50-80% of which is normaly wasted, I want to contribute to comprehensive well-being of nature and humans. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia offers an interactive venue for evaluating our relationship to nature and the importance it has on our choices."

You are warmly welcome to get the Christmas spirit at Nuuksio National Park in Espoo!
Kati Hienonen

More info about Bonden

Entrance with Haltias' exhibition ticket 13/8/0 €.