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Forest like a fairytale

Saara Alhopuro: "Forest like a fairytale" was shown in Haltia 3.10.-9.12.2019


Dive into a fairytale, where Finnish forests and mushrooms tell old stories, myths and folktales. Saara Alhopuro is a land artist and photographer, whose studio is the forest. She uses wild mushrooms and other foraged materials to create colorful installations, which she leaves in the forest for anyone to discover. The original pieces wither, but before they do, Alhopuro gives them a new life through photography. Alhopuro’s work has reached the eyes of over one million people across social media and it has been featured in 20 languages in media around the world.

Haltia_Metsakuinsatu_Alhopuro_1080x1080All images at the exhibition have been mounted on acrylic glass. This priming method, approved by museums, makes the surface texture of the paper disappear completely. The surface acrylic has 98% UV protection, which helps the colors stay vibrant. All works come with mounting rails.

Signed artworks are of a limited edition. The artworks are also for sale, ask more from: 



Entrance with Haltias' exhibition ticket 13/8/0 €.