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Jussi TwoSeven in Haltia

Street Artist JussiTwoSeven

Nature 2.17 exhibition is built inside a huge tent and at the entrance a huge 9-meter-tall owl graffiti, painted by famous Finnish Street artist Jussi TwoSeven.

See how JussiTwoSeven made impressive "owl graffiti" entrance to the exhibition


Another JussiTwoSeven's work of art, "Paper-works" of Finnish wildlife is at Haltia's gallery, on the second floor.  You may even purchase these impressive art pieces and bring them to your home! 

Paper-works exhibition is open until 12th of August 2018.

Haltia JussiTwoSeven Luonto 2.17 Owl poelloe

Haltia JussiTwoSeven Nature 2.17 Lynx Ilves

 Haltia JussiTwoSeven Luonto 2.17 Finnish wild animalsHaltia JussiTwoSeven Luonto 2.17 Finnish wild animals 2