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At the gallery of Haltia´s basement corridor has just opened Villasiivet (Woolly Wings) exhibition by Filippa Loikkanen.

This owl and all the other works are really made by needle felting! The exhibition will be open until end of October.

Photo: Mari Valtonen/Metsähallitus

Filippa Loikkanen is 25 years old student, who makes animal sculptures from wool by needle felting. 

"I found out about needle felting in 2015 when I saw pictures of beautiful needle felted animals in the Internet. The details and realism of the sculptures surprised me since I did not know that it was possible to make so intricate work with felting. I wanted to find out how they were made and therefore decided to try needle felting myself. Making animals from wool quickly became a hobby and an interest I would spend a lot of my leisure on.
Since the beginning I have aimed to make realistic, true to life sculptures of animals, especially birds. I chose Finnish fauna as the subject of my sculptures as I have always been interested in Finnish wildlife, which I have experienced through numerous trips to nature in different parts of Finland.
In 2017 I received a fund for making needle felted sculptures from Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Regional fund.
I hope that my sculptures encourage others to take an interest in needled felting and studying nature through art.
My webpage (in Finnish):"