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Haltia’s logos may be used freely, in accordance with good practice, for journalistic or communicative purposes concerning Haltia. Metsähallitus and the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia reserve all rights to the Haltia logos.

  • The coloured logo may only be used against a white background.
  • The black logo may also be used on a background colour.
  • The logo is surrounded by a protective margin the width of the letter H, on top of which no other elements may be added.
Title File type Size Dimensions (WxH) Image
Haltia logo EN black&white png 55 KB 3366px x 1570px haltia en black
Haltia logo EN black&white PRINT pdf 49 KB Haltia logo EN black&white PRINT
Haltia logo EN CMYK PRINT pdf 53 KB Haltia logo EN CMYK PRINT
Haltia logo EN jpg 10 KB 250px x 171px haltia en rgb small