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General Terms of Use for the Web Service

Description of the Web Service

The web service (hereinafter also ‘web service’ or ‘service’) is produced and maintained by Metsähallitus (business ID: 0116726-7).

The user agrees to use the web service in compliance with these Terms of Use, laws and good practice. The service is free of charge.

All information contained in the service is intended solely for informative purposes and should not be understood as legal, commercial or any other advice. Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the information provided in the service for the user’s needs or for the results of any actions carried out on the basis of the said information. The user of the service accepts that these Terms of Use are binding whenever he/she uses the service.

Rights of Use for Material Published in the Web Service

The web service may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. The user may not utilise the service or parts thereof in any other way without written permission from Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus and/or its partners reserve all rights to the service, including copyrights. The user may not, without prior consent in writing, distribute, publish, translate or alter the documents or material, or deliver them for the use of a third party.

Pages, or parts thereof, from the web service may be printed out for the user’s own, personal use.

Press releases and other material intended as public may be used for public communications, provided that the source of the information is mentioned in connection with its use.

The web service includes an image bank, and the images and logos provided therein may be used freely, in accordance with good practice, for journalistic or communicative purposes concerning Haltia and Metsähallitus. The material may not be used for commercial purposes. Metsähallitus reserves all rights to all material published in the image bank, and Metsähallitus must be mentioned as the image source in connection with the use of the material.

Use of Contact Information

Contact information for Metsähallitus employees can be found through the Metsähallitus web service. The contact information may only be used for private purposes. The use of the said information for commercial purposes, such as any direct marketing, is especially forbidden.

Service Administration and Liability for Damages

Metsähallitus aims to provide as accurate and high-quality information as possible in the web service, but cannot guarantee that the website or its contents are error-free. Metsähallitus is entitled to improve and alter the contents and structure of the service.

Metsähallitus shall not be held responsible for the continuous availability of the service, and does not guarantee that the service will always be uninterrupted and error-free. Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the user as a result of inaccurate contents, technical failures or maintenance work.

Metsähallitus is entitled to alter the software, database, hardware and other parts of the service. Metsähallitus is entitled to temporarily or permanently discontinue the service or a part thereof at any time.

Material Provided by Third Parties

Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for the contents or functionality of other web services accessible through the web service. By accessing a website through a link, the user accepts that the site is not under the control of Metsähallitus and that it is not possible for Metsähallitus to influence its contents. The existence of a link to a website outside the service does not imply that Metsähallitus endorses the site or the services offered in any way.

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

Finnish law shall be applied to the use of the service and these Terms of Use. Any disputes arising from these Terms of Use or the Service referred to in these Terms of Use shall primarily be settled by negotiations between the parties. Should such negotiations fail, the court of first instance for settling the dispute shall be the Vantaa District Court.

Entry into Force of and Amendments to the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use shall enter into force at the time of updating (shown at the end of the web page) and shall remain in force until further notice. Metsähallitus may amend these Terms of Use, and the new Terms of Use shall enter into force upon their publication on the website.

Updated on 10 Apr 2012