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10+1 tools to discuss environmental issues with children and youth

At the nature school of Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre we want to provide everyone with tools to discuss our big and small environmental problems with children and the youth. Moreover, they should be discussed in a way that takes emotions into account. Therefore we used our best knowledge and that of researchers to write these tools for everyone to use.

Upload the PDF-file of 10+1 tools here >

Plant detectives

Working in pairs or small groups, you write down on the detective card, details or features of a plant, for example the shape and position of the leaves, the colour of the flowers or the berries. You can also take a photo as proof. Change detective cards with another group and try to find their plant using the hints. Take a photo of the plant. Compare the photos to see if it was possible to find the same plants.

Goal: learn how to describe and identify plants through details. You can continue with naming the plants. 

Download the Plant detective card here (PDF) >