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Hiking in Finnish Nature

Go hiking! It is now easier than ever – the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a gateway to the Nuuksio National Park as well as the fabulous hiking destinations throughout Finland. Haltia will help you discover the gems of Finnish nature. 

Two loop trails right next to Haltia give you the option of including a short hike into your nature centre visit. In addition, guided hiking trips in Haltia's surroundings are available for groups. 

Haltia also brings the nature and outdoor recreation areas of the entire Helsinki Metropolitan Area under one roof.

Can you hear nature calling?

How to get to Nuuksio? Haltia kuva

Plan your day in the nature. Public transportation takes you easily to Nuuksio where hiking trails and related services are waiting to be discovered. Find your trip from new site:

Groceries for your outdoor trips in Nuuksio

When you plan your outdoor activites and trips to Nuuksio, please note that there are no grocery stores in Nuuksio area.

At Haltia's restaurant you can enjoy lovely meals, buy snacks and sandwiches. The closest grocery stores are in Espoo centre and Veikkola.