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Photo: Ismo Tuormaa

Green Belt

You do not have to go far from the most densely populated parts of Finland to get out into nature and away from the pressures of everyday life. In addition to the well-known nature destinations, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area boasts less well-recognised outdoor activity destinations, which Haltia will help you discover. Nature awaits you behind Haltia’s doors! 

The Green Belt takes you from Sipoonkorpi to Porkkalanniemi

The protected and recreational areas of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area form a so-called Green Belt stretching all the way from Sipoonkorpi to Pirkkalanniemi. All green areas in the metropolitan area are included in the Green Belt: the archipelago, the coast, forests, lakes, rivers, bogs and cultural landscapes. The diverse and versatile biotypes in the Green Belt provide a habitat for many endangered animal and plant species. 

In between Sipoonkorpi and Porkkalanniemi, the Green Belt includes, among other areas, the Nuuksio lake uplands, Meikonsalo as well as the vast forest areas of Ruotsinkylä in Tuusula and Petikko-Vestra in Vantaa. Several “green fingers” stretch out towards them from the centres of Helsinki and Espoo, with the Helsinki Central Park as the most significant of these. The Helsinkipuisto park stretches from the sea via the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay to Haltiala where it meets the Central Park. Espoo’s green fingers stretch from Olari to Kauklahti and from Tarvaspää to Saunalahti. In addition, the Green Belt includes the coastline archipelago of the Bay of Finland as well as all other protected, outdoor activity and recreational areas in the region. 

So far there has been no centralised information service on the dozens of interesting hiking and nature destinations in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as the information has been scattered between various organisations. Haltia finally brings all the treasures of the Green Belt under one roof. 

Haltia is your Green Belt guide

Duckboards and birches in autumn colorsThe Finnish Nature Centre Haltia introduces you to the natural environment of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, providing information on the destinations’ natural values, history, programme and guide activities as well as equipment rental and recreational services.

Green Belt information will be available on this website, and it will also be available via a touch screen at Haltia’s Green Belt Exhibition.

The joint project MenoMaps II by Haltia, Metsähallitus and several other partners, dedicated to developing map services for outdoor recreation by utilising social networks, is in charge of the Green Belt database. The project is being implemented as a joint research project by the Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography at the Finnish Geodetic Institute, and Aalto University’s Department of Design at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.