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Refreshing nature trail "Päivättärenpolku”

The circle trail Päivättärenpolku running through Haltia’s surroundings is a 1.4 kilometres long traditional nature trail. The trail is marked with signs picturing pine cones and it starts from the info point next to Haltia’s parking. The information boards give you interesting information on the nature of Nuuksio area. The trail is demanding due to some steep hills along the way.

Aarnituli fireplace, usable by reservation only, is located along the Päivättärenpolku trail. The fireplace has firewood and seats for 25 people. It is only available in the weekends and after 1 pm on weekdays fro 3-6 hours at a time. Price 20€/3h. Free reservations for school and daycare groups. More information and reservations at Haltia’s information desk.

Map to Päivättärenpolku trail >