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Photo: Metsähallitus/Aura Piha

See the Helsinki metropolitan area at the Green Belt

The Green Belt introduces you to the network of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s nature destinations – i.e. the Green Belt. The area includes new kinds of maps made for the large multi-touch screens that will help you learn about destinations and plan excursions.

"Viherkehä" - Green Belt takes  you from east to west, from Sipoonkorpi to Porkkalanniemi


You'll be amazed how close nature is at Helsinki Metrolopitan Area! You don't even need to go further to go to the nature here. Haltia introduces you to the known and even unknown nature destinations with good possibilities  for various outdoor activities.

"Viherkehä" i.e Green Belt covers all nature and protected areas from east to west - Sipoonkorpoi till Porkkalanniemi; archipelago, forests, lakes, soils etc. There's rich flora and fauna at the area.

Between these you may find Nuuksio National Park, Sipoonkorven National Park, Meikonsalo, Tuusula Ruotsinkylä and Vantaa Petikko-Vestra. Don't forget Helsinki central park, archipelago and other protected and recreation areas. Please see more from