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Haltia's new special exhibition opened on October 7th 2017

Luonto2017 banner

At Haltia's new special exhibition you will see nature from all 40. Finland's National Parks through youngsters eyes.


 "Luonto 2.17" (Nature 2.17) is a unique exhibition, because its' content and material were mainly created by 12-17 years old young ParkM8's (parkmate's). Altogether 40 ParkM8's were chosen to each of the 40 National Parks of Finland and the youngsters were given free rain to document their outdoor experiences, incidents and landscapes. The exhibitions presents all of the laughs, crises, food preparations, stumbles, outdoor tips and nightly experiences that the young ParkM8's endured with their friends. 

 The exhibition is built inside a huge tent and at the entrance a huge 9-meter-tall owl graffiti, painted by artist Jussi TwoSeven, is greeting visitors. Another work of art, "Paper-works", from the same artist is seen at Haltia's gallery, on the second floor. 

 The exhibition was designed by Partanen & Lamusuo Oy together with Haltia.