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New special exhibition: Trace

At Haltia – The Finnish Nature Centre Through May 12, 2019
Haltia Jalki vaakakuva


Trace is the first ever exhibition at Haltia that speaks out strongly for the nature. Via photos by Nordic photographers and their personal stories, the exhibition brings out the human tracks in the nature. There are approximately 100 beautiful and powerful photos that will affect the viewers.

The nature has always been affected by humans' actions. We at Haltia are extremely worried that nowadays the track is very strong. Bad news about species dying off, ever increasing climate change and littering of the seas and the nature distress us!

Haltia Jälki kuva Anne Overas

Picture: Anne Øverås

Human being is a part of the nature and is completely dependent of it, accordingly the distress and concern about the nature is natural for us. The distress about the nature causes us psychophysical symptoms like weakness, pain and depression. Apathy and depression however are not the solutions at this worrying situation.

"What people do here and now will lead Haltia to become the nature museum of Finland. We want Finnish species to stay vital in the future too" states Director of Haltia, Tom Selänniemi.

Haltia Jälki kuva Sylwia Grabinska

Picture: Sylwia Grabinska

The aim for Trace is to raise up thoughts, give hope and help to cope with the nature distress which you actually may turn into an asset. Everyone can affect its' own track by doing better choices.

There has been criticism for nature photos distorting the real state of the nature. The photos at Trace brings out the reality. Beautiful and emotional photos may arise controversial feelings and distress the viewers. People’s life on the earth may cause contradiction: beautiful and valuable combined with massive destruction.

Haltia Jälki Eva Frisnes

Picture: Eva Frisnes

The future is created together and at different levels. Haltia offers various means to affect, each visitor may choose the most convenient way for her/him. Visitors may also step into the voting booth and write greetings related to the future of the nature for upcoming Finnish government.

The exhibition has been created in co-operation with BioFoto Finland -association and environment researcher Panu Pihkala. There are photos from all over the world. The exhibition has been designed and built at Haltia and is through May 12, 2019 after which it will start the international tour.

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Haltia Jälki Heidi Holmlund

Picture: Heidi Holmlund