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Photo: Metsähallitus/Meri Marttinen

Getting here

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is situated at  Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo. Haltia is located approximately 30 kilometres from Helsinki city centre and 17 kilometres from the centre of Espoo. You can reach Haltia easilly by public transport, bicycle, car or by hiking. Read more information below.


With public transportation to Haltia and Nuuksio

You can also reach Haltia by first taking the train U, E or X to Espoo Centre and continuing with the bus 245/245A/245K to Nuuksionpää/Kattila that departs from Espoo Centre/ Espoo Train Station (plattform nr 32). Get off the bus at the Haltia stop. From the bus stop, it is only a 30-metre walk to Haltia. 

Haltia's address: Nuuksiontie 84, Espoo. Area is called also Solvalla.

Within the City of Espoo, you can travel with the B/C ticket; from Helsinki Center you will need a A/B/C ticket. The trip from Espoo Centre to Haltia takes roughly 25 minutes, and the trip from the centre of Helsinki to Haltia lasts roughly one hour. You will find time tables and connection maps at

Haltia kuvaYou can plan your day out in the nature. Public transportation takes you easily to Haltia and Nuuksio where hiking trails and related services are waiting to be discovered. Read more from >>

Haltia by bicycle or on foot

Coming to Nuuksio by bicycle requires good condition and time because of high ground. A pedestrian and bicycle way is built on the Nuuksiontie road. Parking for bicycles can be found next to Haltia’s main entrance. To move inside Nuuksio National Park you can rent fatbikes in Haltia by or in Haukkalampi by Natura Viva.

You can also reach Haltia on foot by connecting routes from different parts of the Nuuksio National Park, for example from the outdoor recreation areas of Pirttimäki, Salmi and Oittaa. You can also hike to Haltia from the western end of Nuuksio from Veikkola and the Klassari gate. Read more about hiking trails >

Haltia by car

In Haltia there is a lot of parking space. When driving to Haltia, turn off the Turku highway (road no 1) to Nupurintie road (road number 110). At Nupuri turn north onto the Brobackantie road. The Brobackantie road then changes into the Nuuksiontie road, which you should follow until you reach Haltia (6,7 km). There are signs to The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia along the road and you'll find 200 parking places just opposite the building. You find also 4 charging places free of charge for electrical cars. You can leave your car in Haltia and continue by foot or with fatbike to Nuuksio National Park.

There may be some problems with navigators that show the way to Haltia, so please make shure the navigator shows the right way!