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Guided tours at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia 2016

Finnish Nature –Tour at the Main Exhibition
At Haltia’s main exhibition you will experience Finnish nature in a memorable way. The compelling guided tour will enforce your experience by adding fresh insights into the Finnish nature and its natural phenomena. The manuscript is built around five seasons. The mythology of the national epic Kalevala will make the story of Haltia even more colorful. Duration: 60 min
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Looking for the human nature
Join this participatory guided tour to discuss and examine different views about human and nature. Inspiring tour will challenge you to seek answers to the question about where goes the boundary between human and nature. The question will be approached through various innovative angles. Duration: 60 min

Helsinki Metropolitan Green Belt –Tour at the Green Belt Exhibition
The protected and recreational areas of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area form a so-called Green Belt stretching all the way from Sipoonkorpi to Porkkalanniemi. The diverse and versatile biotopes in the Green Belt provide a habitat for many endangered animal and plant species. The guided tour opens up the several recreational possibilities offered by the Green Belt. Duration: 30 min. Max. size of the group: 20 people

Haltia – The Pearl of Architecture
Haltia is the first public building in Finland made entirely of massive cross-laminated timber. The foundations of the architecture are environmental sustainability, functionality and usage of advanced ecological solutions. During the guided tour visitors will get acquainted with Haltia’s story and architectures details. Duration: 60 min

Haltia - Intelligent and ecological
Haltia is a pioneer in ecological building solutions. On the guided tour you will find out about Haltia’s ecotechnology. Haltia is the first European museum that has been awarded with special commendation for sustainability at the annual European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) ceremony 2015. Duration: 60 min


Our expert guides will further your knowledge of nature. A guided tour will guarantee that you get the most out of the exhibitions. Book a guided tour by email: haltia(a) (one week in advance).

The guided tour fee is 95€/hour (incl. VAT 24 %), and the maximum size of the group is 25 persons/guide (unless mentioned otherwise). The fee doesn't include an admission fee to the exhibitions.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. For German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Russian tours please check the availability two weeks beforehand.
Rights for price changes reserved.