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Kids Nature Day


Kids Nature Day

Welcome to Kids Nature Day on 5th May!

Majority of the program is in Finnish but there’s also lots of things you may enjoy just by watching and following the instructions. See our tips for the day:



1-2pm:  Creative Music workshop with nature materials

Want to try something fun? Etno-futuristic group The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo and music workshop for all kids. You can learn how to make musical instruments out of natural materials like branches, pinecones and stones. You can also bring your own favorite materials for this.

2pm: Concert: The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo

Fun and interactive concert for kids.

Duration: 40 minutes. Limited seats for the first 100 participants.

11am-2pm: Arts&craft workshop: Let the nature bloom!

Come and create (out of paper) your own imaginary plant. Maybe there will be some origami butterflies too! All kids welcome, toddlers with adults. 

11am-2pm Arts&craft workshop: Forest toys

Come and create your own pinecone animal!

Haltia exhibitions and Haltia Restaurant are open 10am-6pm.

At Haltia Restaurant there’s a delicious lunch buffet (11am-4pm) for the whole family.

The menu of the day: salmon soup, vegetarian lasagna, meatballs and mash potato and selection of desserts.



11am-2pm Outdoor workshop at Haltia field: Sawing

Come and try old woodcrafts! You may also do wood branding with an iron stencil. You can take your creation home with you.

12pm-2pm Nuuksio trip for the whole family

Enjoy the nature and join nice spring games! Take your own packed lunch as we have a break by Aarnituli camp fire. Youth from Nuuksio national park Junior Rangerit will be your guides. Suitable for the whole family, children under 10 years with an adult.

10am-6pm Easy Haltia trails “Päivättärenpolku” and “Maahisenkierros”

“Päivättärenpolku” (1.4km) is an easy trail where there’s camp fire place available.

At “Maahisenkierros” (2km) there’s beautiful views. Both are suitable for families.