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A Novel Solution for Real Estate Knowledge Management to Be Adopted by the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia – System Developed by Digital Living Finland

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and Digital Living Finland Oy have signed a contributor-level agreement on corporate partnership. Digital Living was selected as Haltia’s partner because this makes it possible to implement a novel system of smart real estate management. The partners will collaborate on developing and building the first public building in the world that employs a genuinely knowledge-based management system. This uniquely ecological nature centre will also become a smart building that can communicate with its users in a new way. Nature experiences and energy efficiency are enhanced by linking Haltia’s multi-faceted technology solutions into a single operating system.

“Haltia will be the first public building in the world that is managed by a genuinely knowledge-based management system that uses linked data technologies,” says Pirkka Frosti, Founder and Managing Director of Digital Living.

A unique digital data model has been created for Haltia, bringing together all of the information generated during planning and construction. The whole property, including its more than 200 facilities and all of the building services engineering equipment, furniture and movable property along with their product information have been digitalised and gathered into a single system that is used to manage the whole. This is something that no other current application is able to do. The system creates a data-driven maintenance programme for the buildings, the equipment and the movable property. All this happens in real time and facilitates the maintenance and daily use of the building.

Thanks to the system, the users will have a clear view of everything that is going on in the building. Cleaning, restaurant and maintenance services can share their daily working environment with other users, which is something totally new. This significantly improves the flow of information and prevents unnecessary work. The data on building automation, for example, can be linked to the data on solar energy and data generated by weather stations. Security technology, in turn, provides information on how many people are present in the building at any given time. By combining these data, the system is able to tell what the building’s real energy self-sufficiency is on a cloudy day when a hundred schoolchildren are visiting it. At Haltia, a smart building does not only apply to intelligent equipment, but rather the interaction between the equipment, the ecological building, and its users.

“This real estate system is the first of its kind in the world, and we have had the opportunity to develop it together. Haltia will become an international benchmark for the knowledge management of multi-purpose properties,” says Timo Kukko, Managing Director of Haltia.

“Haltia’s uniqueness and ecological soundness is not the result of technology alone, it is also the result of a desire to make the best possible technological choices. Metsähallitus has shown that the natural world is best respected by creating an environment that is meaningful to visitors, one that speaks to you and withstands the test of time. The courage of Haltia’s creators has made it possible to generate completely new IT expertise in Finland,” says Pirkka Frosti.

Factbox - Digital Living

Digital Living Finland Oy is a new Finnish high-tech start-up. In addition, it is the global trailblazer in linked data applications. Linked data is an integral part of the Internet’s next revolution, and it will change the way we are connected to our environment. Housebook of Finland Ltd, Digital Living’s subsidiary, specialises in real estate knowledge management, and it has carried out a digitalisation process at Haltia that is groundbreaking in the real estate sector.

  • Digital Living Finland Oy was founded in 2008 in Espoo.
  • It operates in the software business, currently with 14 professionals.
  • The subsidiary Housebook of Finland Ltd, which specialises in real estate knowledge management, was founded in 2010.
  • Linked data technology has been developed with funding from Tekes – the Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, and in collaboration with major Finnish property owners. The product was