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Finnish Nature Centre Haltia to Collaborate with Several Corporate Partners

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, opening its doors at the end of May, has signed agreements with several corporate partners. As Haltia is financed by public funds, corporate partnerships expand Haltia’s financial basis and enhance Haltia’s effectiveness as the showcase for Finland’s outstanding nature destinations. Haltia announces its first corporate partnerships today (see the attachments to the press release).

The breadth and depth of the partnerships varies from the status of a Leading Corporate Partner to those of Contributors.  In its collaboration with companies, Haltia follows the guidelines for sponsorship for state-owned organisations laid down by the Finnish Ministry of Finance. The financial value of the agreements is confidential business information. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia has selected most of its corporate partners through public tendering.

Haltia’s partners are companies that share Haltia’s values, and their level of competence measures up with Haltia’s standards.

Haltia’s partners are committed to Haltia’s goal to provide the visitors with the feeling of Finland’s pristine nature, to inspire them to enjoy the outdoors, and to help children and young people forge a deeper relationship with the natural world. The collaboration also aims at promoting high-quality ecological architecture, construction and technological solutions.

In addition, the corporate partnerships enable Haltia to carry out its services from an ecologically and technologically high standard, and to strengthen its customer-oriented services.

Today, Haltia announces its cooperation with Aronet-Esitysyhtiö Oy, which will become one of its leading corporate partners. Aronet is the supplier of the audio-visual presentation systems for Haltia’s exhibitions and conference facilities. Haltia also announces its cooperation with Nikari Oy and Kinnarps Oy. As a leading corporate partner, Nikari supplies Haltia with tables and armchairs, amongst other things. Kinnarps is a corporate partner that provides the centre’s office furniture and chairs.

Further information:  
Päivi Rosqvist, Communications Manager, Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services & Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, +358 (0)400 425 666, paivi.rosqvist(at)