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The Whole Finland is getting prepared to Celebrate Nature as part of the Country’s Centennial Jubilee

Press release from the Nature Days 2017 organisations, 13 January 2017

One of the most extensive SuomiFinland100 celebrations, the Nature Days 2017 campaign, was launched today. The aim is to have everyone in Finland celebrate Finnish nature on the four Nature Days: On 4 February Finns will discover winter wonderlands. On 20 May Finns will go wild about spring. On 17 June everyone is inspired to enjoy the summer night and sleep outdoors. On 26 August everyone will celebrate Finnish nature and fly the Finnish flag to honour the country's natural environment. The video of the campaign launch can be viewed at .

On each Nature Day, dozens of events will be organised throughout Finland. These include the world's largest skiing school, enjoying wild herb delicacies in a lean-to shelter, spending a summer night sleeping outdoors, learning to identify wild flowers, and listening to choir concerts in all national parks. On the Nature Day on 17 June, the country's 40th national park, Hossa, will be inaugurated.

Nature Days campaign also encourage everyone in Finland to organise a nature celebration of their own. A nature celebration may arise from a joint activity, an emotional experience, an exciting adventure, or new experiences in a natural setting.

"Anyone can organise an event, outing and happy encounters in a natural setting. For instance, you may invite your family or friends to enjoy a meal by a campfire, take your child's day-care group on an outing in the nearby woods, accompany an elderly person on a walk, or arrange a family reunion in a natural setting," says Project Manager Joel Heino.

Finns Love to Celebrate Nature

Nature Days have inspired a huge number of actors to come up with ideas for celebrating nature. Many of the almost 50 organisations involved in arranging events have a large number of local associations. In all, the organisations have 1.5 million members. Ideas for events have been generated at dozens of workshops arranged throughout Finland and involving hundreds of people.

Citizens are expected to welcome the events with enthusiasm: survey results indicate that nine out of ten people in Finland look forward to celebrating nature during Finland's 100th anniversary year.

"So we have good reason to be confident that we can get everyone in Finland out into the great outdoors. These pre-organised and independent events provide an opportunity to celebrate nature together as a setting for play, exercise, experiences, recreation and cultural inspiration, as well as a source of culinary enjoyment," says Heino.

Nature Days Attract International Interest

The key role played by nature in the Suomi Finland 100 celebrations has already attracted international interest.

The strong presence of nature in Finland's centennial celebrations, the Nature Days, has raised wide international interest. Nature and the related programmes played a key role when the major international travel media companies, Lonely Planet and National Geographic, ranked Finland as one of the best destinations for 2017. The Independent and Financial Times also highlighted Nature Days as part of Finland's centennial year celebrations.

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