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Wilderness Scores -exhibition at Haltia 26th of Aug - 22nd of Oct

Touko Heikkinen: Wilderness Scores -exhibition

University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy, Live Art and Performance Studies

In the wild.

Life today has become too conscious. All the time we are able to know where we are, what time it is, how is the weather soon and so on. I want to be lost in nature. This piece consists of walking, artistic scores and geocaches. The path could be followed in future.

I walked aimlessly at Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area four days with a punch of short environmental scores with me. Traveling companion, Sampo Kerola, had an eye on the map and he was filming and taking photos. The documentation of artwork will be released as an exhibition in Finnish Nature Center Haltia during Finnish Nature Day, August 26th. WELCOME! Exhibition can be experienced until October 10th.

Documentarist: Sampo Kerola
Producer: Nina Numminen, University of the Arts Helsinki.
Supporters: Fenix Outdoor Finland Oy & Fjällräven, Haltia - Finnish Nature Centre, Metsähallitus - National Parks Finland.