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Real Estate Managed by Knowledge – Haltia is a Smart Building

What if all the information related to a building’s facilities, equipment, employees, cleaning and maintenance services and other subcontractors could be brought into a single, cloud-based information system? What if you could use the system to check an individual projector’s service and guarantee details and the device’s status? What if each employee could check the details important to them: work shifts, booking calendar for the facilities, and matters related to working areas? At Haltia you can.

Haltia is the first cultural destination in the world that is managed by a knowledge-based management system. All of the building’s cutting-edge technology – whether related to eco-efficiency, security systems or presentation technology – is connected to the same operating system.

What Kind of Information Do You Need on Haltia?

The Digital Living information system oversees all of the Haltia subsystems, such as the security system, fire protection system, presentation technology and heating system, collating all of the information in them. It provides all users, from employees to visitors, with the information relevant to them in the format they need it in. The same information can thus be presented in a different way to visitors and employees in property maintenance.

The solution has required a thorough analysis of Haltia and all of its operations: determining all of the building’s uses, all actors, equipment and systems related to them and how they interlink, the roles and needs of all employees as well as the service providers related to maintenance, cleaning and property management.

Haltia’s information system is used to organise staff work shifts and the booking of facilities as well as building automation, and it can be used to produce information for visitors to be displayed on the info screens in the main lobby. The functions of the building, or information on weather, for example, can be combined into a form relevant for the user, informing them on how Haltia’s wood structure and geothermal heating system are helping its 200 visitors to feel comfortable in the building in the current weather conditions.

The system keeps record of each piece of equipment, furniture and movable property at Haltia, and it includes details such the devices’ history, warranty period and service intervals. The repairman working on the lift gets the information he needs about the lift, and the café employee can check the number of coffee cups needed for the day’s events. You can also check on the amount of ventilation equipment there is and the places they blow air into.

Information Enables Eco-Friendly Operations

The comprehensive data produced by Haltia’s information system enables sensible and energy-efficient operations. The system is a tool that helps you to understand how the building and the equipment work, so you can develop operations based on facts.

The information system provides Haltia’s staff and equipment manufacturers with precise reporting data on the solutions’ efficiency and eco-friendliness and calculates whether the resources and energy used are in a reasonable proportion to the operations. Exact data and an understanding of the effects of the operations make it possible to achieve genuinely eco-friendly solutions.