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Presentation Technology

Haltia’s exhibitions take visitors to the magnificent scenery of the 39 national parks in Finland. The touch of real nature and an experiential dimension are created with professional presentation technology by Aronet-Esitysyhtiö Oy, one of Haltia’s leading corporate partners.
Visual plan of the main exhibition hall

Excellent Image Quality Ensures a True Nature Experience

Haltia is equipped with professional projector and display systems. The high-resolution, high-light-output NEC projectors combined with professional displays do justice to the great natural wonders in Finland. Haltia’s main exhibition space, for example, has an 18-metre video wall that shows nature films on four state-of-the-art projectors. The images pull the visitors into the realm of natural wonders.

Info Screens Keep Visitors Updated

On Haltia’s info screens, visitors can see a wide range of information related to the building and the nature centre’s activities. The information system jointly produced by Haltia and Digital Living makes it possible for the exhibition coordinator to display information on the exhibitions on the screens, while the restaurant staff can update the daily menu on it.

Meetings and Events with an Experiential Twist

Haltia’s multi-purpose, teaching and meeting facilities as well as the restaurant and its cabinets are equipped with high-quality presentation technology. The meeting facilities include an interactive projector with an infrared eye that detects when you write on the whiteboard with a special marker. The conference and event technology at Haltia make it a new kind of interactive conference centre that offers an ideal setting for a variety of purposes, from weddings to conferences.

Not Forgetting the Environment

Haltia’s projector and display systems have a long service life, they use as little energy as possible, and their recyclability rate is high. All NEC devices have a power save mode and a carbon footprint counter that monitors their energy consumption. The displays measure the amount of light around them, and their brightness is automatically adjusted to the level needed.

Centralised Remote Control

The presentation technology in Haltia’s various facilities can be controlled via Haltia’s computers, on site via control panels both by wire and wirelessly, or remotely via the internet. With Crestron’s diverse digital control and management software you can monitor which devices are on or how much service life is left in the projector lamps. The devices can be switched on and off centrally, and some pre-set modes can be controlled according to the needs of the exhibition.

Haltia’s presentation technology is protected with UPS against unexpected power surges. The protection also extends the life of projector lamps. Power outages are taken care of by a diesel-driven standby generator.

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