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Kirkkonummi is an active and versatile municipality (37,000 residents) on the southern coast of Finland. It has good traffic connections and is located 20 km west of Helsinki. The cultural heritage of Kirkkonummi, which is over 675 years old, is represented in the medieval stone church, the local history museums, the lush manor surroundings and the sights in the terrain on the Porkkala peninsula that date back to the period when it was leased to the Soviet Union in 1944–1956.  

Kirkkonummi boasts fascinating hiking trails in Nuuksio National Park, in the nature conservation area by Lake Meiko and in the Porkkala archipelago, which is popular amongst bird enthusiasts. 

Those looking for adventure can try canoeing, surf fishing, dog sledding and rock climbing. After the first frosts, the ski slopes invite people of all ages to go downhill skiing. There are several good stables for horse enthusiasts and golf centres for golf lovers in Kirkkonummi. 

There is a hiking trail from Veikkola, Kirkkonummi, to the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. In addition, there is also a 3-km nature trail called Kaarniaispolku at the start of the hiking trail at Veikkola. Kaarniaispolku is well suited to families with children. The information board and the parking area for the hiking trail are located by Soidentaantie Road on the southern side of Turunväylä (main road 1).