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Information on Haltias’s precautions against coronavirus

Updated 14.3.2020 18:00


Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre are following the government’s decision, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s and Parks and Wildlife recommendations on the coronavirus and precautions to prevent contagion. Haltia is open as usual, but we are limiting visitor numbers to 200. Big events are cancelled or postponed.

Changes in our activities

FotoFennican Bird day 21.3. is cancelled

JuuriJuhla-RootFest consert 28.3. is cancelled

My night as a flying squirrel event 11.4. and guided nature trails 18.4. and 25.4. is postponed (to early summer 2020)

Open as usual

Haltia’s exhibitions and Restaurant Haltia is open as usual. ATTENTION! Sunday 15.3. Haltia's exhibitions, nature shop and customer service is closed, restaurant is open. Those days we are open we are limiting visitor numbers to 200 at any given time. All guided tours are cancelled until 1.5.2020. Events are cancelled or postponed.

Haltia will follow the official guidelines and instructions. A notice will be given immediately, should there be a need to change the current operations.

More cleaning

Special attention is given to hygiene. The audioguides in the exhibition are not in use. The entire staff have been instructed to maintain good hand hygiene and to use hand disinfectant according to the instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Welcome to Haltia

You are welcome to visit us if you feel healthy. If you feel unwell, stay at home until you get well. We also ask all our visitors to be considerate by keeping at a distance from one another and follow the general instructions issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Spend time outdoors

According to THL, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, it is allowed and even recommended to go and spend time outdoors. It is recommended to make a trip to your close-by nature, a National Park, or some other outdoor area. Due to the corona virus epidemic it is nevertheless worthwhile to consider if it is a good idea to go to one of the most popular outdoor destinations. It is better to go eat one’s lunch somewhere where fewer people visit at a time. For instance, some of the most popular allowed fireplaces might be good to avoid. In any case, spending time outdoors and moving does increase people’s health and well-being and there is no reason to avoid it.

Remember the outdoor code of conduct and the everyman’s right:

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact:

Katja Määttä, Marketing Manager, katja.maatta(at)