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How the coronavirus situation effects Haltia

Updated 11.5.2020

Haltia and the other nature centres of Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland will reopen starting on the 1st June 2020. This decision is in accordance with the Government's policies on the opening of public spaces. The safety of customer service points will be ensured through the limitation of customer numbers and implementation of safety distances and hygiene instructions. Meeting restrictions will be taken into account in the arrangements. These decisions will be further developed during May once further instructions have been received. If the Government lays down rules on the number of persons who may be present in the types of public spaces mentioned above at any one time, Metsähallitus will follow these instructions. The current regulations allow for a maximum of 50 people to be present at different kinds of organised events. Restaurant Haltia will be reopened according to the Government’s policies.

Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland will continue its normal customer service with online, social media and phone services. Haltia’s customer service responds only via e-mail and the phone until the 31st of May.

The tepee on Haltia’s event field is closed for now. The outdoor tables and the fireplace are in use, but we recommend being prepared with your own ready-made food. In this way, we avoid too many people around the fireplace.


It is extremely important to follow the outdoor etiquette - we need greater responsibility and commitment to following the common rules for the safety of both people and nature.

If you go hiking to any nature destination, we remind you to follow all the normal rules and all the current recommendations from the health authorities. We recommend avoiding the most popular outdoor destinations and to keep on following the news and any new recommendations.

Read more from Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland guidelines >>


We will follow the situation and give information on any changes to it.

Haltia's customer service:

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More information:

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