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День искусства и природы: новые комбинированные экскурсии в EMMA и Haltia


Two of Espoo’s major attractions, Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) and the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, are together launching a new excursion package combining experiences of the wonders of nature and art. Such excursions can give foreign visitors fascinating insights into Finnish culture and nature within easy reach of Helsinki.

The new excursion packages created collaboratively by EMMA and Haltia include guided exhibition tours in each location, a one-way bus transfer between the venues, and lunch. Basic trips lasting half a day can be extended to include meetings or additional nature-centred activities at Haltia. The combined visit packages are available from January 2015. Bookings may already be made.

During the guided exhibition tours participants will be encouraged to consider humanity, which is the overarching theme of EMMA’s new exhibition Touch. Key issues addressed by contemporary art in recent decades have included our identity as human beings, our physicality, and the ways we interact with the surrounding world. These themes feature prominently in EMMA’s exhibitions. The nature-centred exhibitions at Haltia meanwhile examine Finnish nature, and how nature can inspire in us a sense of wonder. The guided tour at Haltia studies our understanding on the borderlines of human beings and nature.

Culture and art can have direct positive impacts on our physical and mental well-being, reflected in our working lives. Research findings recently publicised by Metsähallitus similarly show that experiences in natural settings like visits to national parks can bring peace of mind, relieve stress and depression, and help us forget our everyday worries.  

The combined visits to EMMA and Haltia are designed to be of interest to tourists visiting Finland, as well as groups from Finnish companies and organisations. Packages combining insights into Finnish creativity and nature will particularly be attractive to the “modern humanists” widely seen as a target group in the international marketing of Finland.

Information on the new EMMA-Haltia packages on EMMA’s website:
On Haltia’s website:

EMMA’s Touch exhibition:
Haltia’s main exhibition:

For more information:
Pia Illikainen, account coordinator, EMMA, tel. 043 825 2973

Petra Niskanen, marketing manager, Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, p. 0205 644 633

Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) is Finland’s largest privately owned art gallery. EMMA exhibits works from the collection of the Saastamoinen Foundation as well as changing exhibitions. The museum’s collections and exhibits highlight valued examples of Finnish and international modern art and design. EMMA is located in the WeeGee Exhibition Centre in the Tapiola district of Espoo.

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a unique exhibition and event centre on the fringes of Nuuksio National Park, offering excellent facilities for conferences and events, as well as information and inspiration for nature lovers. Housed in a distinctive ecologically designed wooden building, Haltia is run by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland, with the City of Espoo extensively involved in funding and planning the centre’s activities.