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Haltia’s activities and operations are run by Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services, which is funded by the Ministry of the Environement. In addition, the nearby municipalities participate in the costs of running the nature centre in relation to the number of visitors, and the operations will also be covered by rent income and product sales. 

Funding for Haltia operations: 

City of Espoo 35% 
City of Helsinki 30% 
- Ministry of the Environment/Metsähallitus 20% 
Solvalla Nedre Ab 5% 
- City of Vantaa 5% 
City of Kauniainen 1.7% 
- Municipality of Kirkkonummi 1.7% 
Municipality of Vihti 1.7% 

Planning for Haltia began in 2002 with preliminary and basic reports. In 2008, a joint-stock property company entitled Nuuksiokeskus Oy jointly owned by Metsähallitus, the City of Espoo and Solvalla Nedre Ab was established.

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation has supported the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia with one million euro. Haltia is also involved in several projects seeking funding for the development of its activities.