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Vihti is a youthful and caring municipality with over 27 800 inhabitants and has excellent traffic connections to the Metropolitan Helsinki area. The Helsinki Circle Road III is only 15 minutes’ drive away and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is 48 km away.

It is no wonder that Vihti is often called a “Miniature Finland”. The many faces of our nature can be found in the National Romantic cultural landscapes dotted with manor houses, the swaying fields of the countryside or the quiet wilderness with rocks, rapids and hundreds of lakes. The most imposing feature of the wild and beautiful natural surroundings of Vihti is the National Park of Nuuksio, most of which is located within the boundaries of Vihti

The many outdoor recreation areas, hiking and bike paths and cross-country skiing tracks as well as canoe trails offer recreational, sportive and adventurous experiences. The large number of lakes form a natural background for water related leisure activities.These possibilities make Vihti the destination for golfing, skiing, cross-country skiing, Nordic skating, swimming and hiking. You can also go on a snowmobile safari, horseback riding or even try gliding at Nummela airfield.

Klassarinkierros is a new signposted circular trail of roughly four kilometres that goes around Kurjolampi Pond and then ascends to Klassarinkallio. From the top of this rock you will have a magnificent view over the Nuuksio western lake uplands. You can have a break and eat your packed lunch at the Saarilampi campfire and camping site. The Klassarinkierros parking area is located near Kurjolampi Pond, at the crossroads of Kurjolammentie and Valklammentie.