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Welcome to enjoy summer activities in Haltia!

Haltia paeaenaeyttely- Guided tours in English on Thursdays at 1.30 pm (26th June – 12th August) More information  >>


- Visit our highly acclaimed nature exhibitions: Finnish nature with new interesting content, Luonto 2.17 (Nature 2.17) exhibition created by teenagers from all 40 Finnish national parks and nature graffiti outdoors. More information  >>


- Enjoy delicious “Nature on your Plate” buffet lunch or other cafeteria products at Haltia Restaurant 


Haltia retkellä lähiluonnossa- Take an easy hike at nearby trails (Päivättären polku, Maahisen kierros) or have your own barbeque/campfire at teepee at Haltia's field or Aarnituli by Päivättären polku


- Have you ever slept outside in a tree? See more information of Tentsile experience  


- Daily shuttle bus Haltia – Haukkalampi (Nuuksio National Park)-Haltia (9.30 am-6 pm), see more information


- If you’re interested in bicycling around Nuuksio, you may rent Fatbikes from Haltia see more information

Haltia Fatbike 2018

See opening hours and more practical information from here


Welcome to enjoy Sunny Finnish summer 2018 in Haltia!